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Reduce, Reuse, Remodel!

Reduce, Reuse, Remodel!

In a time where slow fashion and sustainability are more important than ever, remodelling your old jewellery and heirloom pieces is an environmentally-sound way of bringing new life into your jewellery box. 

MJS Transformation

 With over 40 years of expertise and time spent in the industry, we've witnessed countless trends come and go, often leaving many unadorned pieces of jewellery in their wake. These lay alongside the well-worn and sentimental items you cannot bear to let go of despite them not being wearable anymore!

You may think there is no use for a scratched bangle or a lonely, single diamond stud, but what if we told you they could be the start of something beautiful? From everyday basics to standout pieces, reusing and repurposing what you already have gives a thoughtful and bespoke touch to reimaging those long-forgotten items. 

There are so many possibilities! When choosing to remodel, you're embarking on a journey to creating something special imbued with the creative energy and sustainability that offers a fresh take on the forgotten. 

How does it work? 

Most quality jewellery items can be repurposed and designed into a new piece, including gemstones. The jeweller will need to give them a thorough check to ensure there are no chips and they can be polished and reset without affecting structural integrity. Metals can be melted and remade into the new design depending on their carat and weight. If the gold or silver is of quality origin, it can be mixed with new metal to form the remodelled piece. Cheaper base metals such as costume and plated jewellery aren't usable as they will not survive the melting process and will ultimately weaken the foundation. Keep these for the costume box or donate to charity!

What can I create? 

The options are almost endless! The jewellery you wish to incorporate will often guide the decision-making process. We see many of our clients transform heirloom pieces into multiple new designs, either for themselves or to share with family. For example, a ring with multiple small diamonds can be transformed into several sets of stud earrings and perhaps even a matching pendant. A necklace with a coloured gemstone may be repurposed into a beautiful feature dress ring. Or why not take your no longer worn necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and create a stunning solid bangle?


MJS Transformation

Working with your jeweller through the bespoke design process is a sure way to see your vision come to life. If you're a little stuck on what the finished piece looks like, why not flick through Pinterest and see what strikes your eye? Look for the finer details such as setting, metal type, intricate design work and the way a piece ties together. It can be helpful at the consultation stage to bring along inspiration images of styles you are drawn to. Sometimes it is as simple as incorporating features of your loved pieces into a new design that better matches your current style. 

Whatever your vision, our design specialists can help transform your jewellery into a fabulous new piece that you will treasure forever! 

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