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Choosing a Necklace for your Neckline

Choosing a Necklace for your Neckline

Finding the right necklace to match your outfit can be a tricky business! While it's great to explore your creativity, there are some standard rules to follow to ensure your necklace compliments your neckline. 




We recommend a pendant necklace that mimics the shape of the neckline to pull the eye to the cleavage area. Stay away from necklaces that quite long, they will pull attention away from your stylish v-neckline. 



We recommend long chains or pendants to draw the eye down and lengthen the body. High necklines tend to draw attention away from your neck and a larger pendant can make a great statement piece. 



Scoop necklines leave a lot of space so we recommend a necklace with volume, layers, or multiple strands to take up the large space between your neck and neckline. 



We recommend necklaces that aren't symmetrical to complete the overall asymmetrical look. 



We recommend pendants with rigid angles to complement the angular neckline. 



We recommend long elegant beaded necklaces that won't distract from the neckline. 



We recommend chokers or short pendants leaving your decolletage bare and drawing the eye up away from the stomach. Shorter pendants also accentuate your neck. 



We recommend a short pendant or choker as to not interfere with the busy neckline. 



We recommend a curved necklace that has width to balance the open decolletage. 

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