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Diamonds with a Difference

Diamonds with a Difference

Imagine a big, beautiful, sparkly diamond. What colour is it? You're probably thinking of a traditional white diamond, but what we are envisioning is something a little bit different, a stone that shines a deep rich chocolate colour. Coloured diamonds have been taking the world by storm and captivating people with their unique and exquisite beauty. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are an important part of the My Jewellery Shop diamond collection and we are excited to share them with you.


Australian Chocolate Diamonds

While not commonly recognized, the captivating colours are now being noticed and have even been featured in Vogue Bridal Magazine. Australian Chocolate Diamonds (ACD) by Eternity Diamonds was introduced by husband and wife duo, Brett and Dee Bolton. To the Bolton family, diamonds are not just a job, but more of an art form and family tradition. Brett has grown up in the industry, with his grandparents starting in the coloured gem business in 1962 when they founded Bolton Pty Ltd.

The world was introduced to Australian Chocolate Diamonds in 2013, they are sourced from the Argyle diamond mine in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, an area already renowned for their stunning champagne and pink diamonds. When Brett secured the rough for the chocolate diamonds he just knew he had found something spectacular but creating the perfect chocolate diamond has not been an easy feat, and in the beginning Brett and his team hit a few bumps. Due to the unique colouring of a chocolate diamond, the traditional cutting techniques perfected for a white diamond meant that the chocolate colour was not able to properly shine. With a white diamond, the importance is on cutting to reduce the colour of the light that reflects out, with the goal of getting the whitest diamond possible. The allure of chocolate diamonds is in their colouring, however, and ACD worked tirelessly for years to refine a technique that enhanced and reflected out these beautiful hues.


The Diamond

Each Australian Chocolate Diamond is independently graded and adheres to the highest standards set by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory. The head Diamond Cutter at ACD checks each diamond at every stage to ensure these high standards are being met.

One of the things we love most about chocolate diamonds is of course their unique colouring. The colour is graded against the Argyle Colour Grading Scale which ranges from C1 (lightest) to C7 (deep chocolate).

While the colour of a chocolate diamond is an obvious difference, what many don't realise is that they are physically much harder. This subsequently means the cutting process is more time consuming and to compare, a white diamond takes roughly six hours to process whereas some chocolate diamonds can take up to 150 hours. One can only marvel at the commitment and dedication that the team at ACD must consistently put in to make sure each and every diamond is as close to perfect as possible.

 Chocolate diamond grading

"When you involve yourself in the world market for precious gems, and for diamonds in particular, you only have one choice. That choice is a commitment to excellence, with no compromises.”

- Brett Bolton, Managing Director of Australian Chocolate Diamonds -

Our Chocolate Diamond Story

Here at My Jewellery Shop, our clients are our top priority and we guarantee they receive the best of the best. We understand that when selecting a diamond, it is not always a simple decision and we are here to help make the journey as enjoyable as possible. A diamond piece will often hold a great deal of meaning, whether it be for a special occasion like an engagement, or a piece with the intention of being passed down through the generations.

When a client works with us, we help them select a piece that is a perfect reflection of themselves. Partnering with Brett and Dee for over 16 years gives us the confidence to offer natural Australian Chocolate Diamonds as they uphold the highest standards that we ourselves demand.

While the high quality of the chocolate diamonds are extremely important, so too is the ethics that ACD encompasses. ACD chocolate diamonds are classified as Ethically Sustainable Diamonds and are guaranteed to be conflict free and comply with both the United Nations Resolution and the Kimberley Process. Each chocolate diamond comes with its own 'My Diamond Story' which illustrates each step the diamond has taken from mine to market, providing our clients with full transparency in the stone they are investing in.


Designs and Custom Creations

Choc Diamond Rings We love working with our clients to create a unique custom design that is a true reflection of their dreams and ideas. Seeing the joy on our customers faces when they see their piece come to life is one of the main reasons we do what we do.

"Working with Brett and Dee is always a pleasure and designing a bespoke piece for a client that encompasses a chocolate diamond is always an exciting project. Each diamond has its own personality so we ensure that the design enhances its natural beauty and ensures that it will shine as the hero. Working with different coloured golds to compliment the depth of colour is wonderful.....I find that the softness of rose gold is the perfect touch to show off the real character of a Chocolate gives a warmth that can be offset by the crispness of white diamonds set in white gold".

- Catherine Pevy-Trewartha, My Jewellery Shop -


The Argyle Diamond Mine was closed down in 2020, meaning that diamonds are increasingly rare. We encourage you to consider investing in your own little piece of Australia's natural beauty before it is too late.....passing something so rare, so unique and so precious on to the next generation is an amazing legacy and a wonderful way for you to be remembered.


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