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June's Timeless Treasure: Educating Yourself on Pearl Jewellery

June's Timeless Treasure: Educating Yourself on Pearl Jewellery

Pearls have long been cherished for their timeless beauty and elegant allure. From ancient royalty to modern fashion icons, pearls have adorned those who seek sophistication. Today, pearl jewellery has evolved, blending traditional elegance with contemporary designs. 

June's Birthstone: The Pearl

June's birthstone, the pearl, is celebrated for its profound symbolism and enduring beauty. Pearls have been cherished for centuries, symbolising wisdom, serenity, calm, wealth, and prosperity. This unique gem is formed within molluscs and oysters, transforming from a simple irritant into a lustrous treasure. The elegance and versatility of pearls make them a perfect birthstone, suitable for various styles and occasions. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a personal indulgence, pearls continue to captivate with their timeless charm and rich history.

Freshwater vs. Saltwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls, known for their diversity in shapes and colours, offer a playful and affordable option for contemporary pieces. In contrast, saltwater pearls, including Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls, are prized for their exceptional lustre and larger sizes. Each type brings its unique appeal to modern designs, allowing for various styles to suit different tastes and occasions.

Modern Bridal Jewellery

Pearls have always been a favourite in bridal jewellery, symbolising purity and elegance. Modern bridal designs incorporate pearls in innovative ways, including hairpieces, tiaras, and embellished wedding dresses. Pearl jewellery pieces like our stunning Mabe Pearl Teardrop Earrings and our Keshi and Rice Pearl Bracelet are staples for our MJS brides. 

Caring for Modern Pearl Jewellery

With the increasing popularity of pearl jewellery, it’s essential to care for these precious gems. Pearls are organic and delicate, requiring special attention to maintain their lustre. Here are our top tips:

  • Avoid Chemicals: Pearls can be damaged by chemicals found in perfumes, cosmetics, and household cleaners. Always put on your pearl jewellery after applying makeup and perfume. At My Jewellery Shop we suggest your jewellery be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. 
  • Store Properly: Store pearls separately from other jewellery to prevent scratches. Use a soft pouch or a lined jewellery box.
  • Clean Gently: Clean pearls with a soft, damp cloth after wearing them. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or ultrasonic jewellery cleaners. If you are looking for options to clean your pearl pieces why not try our Delicate Jewellery Cleaning Bundle.    Common Pearl Questions:

    What are the different types of pearls?

    • Freshwater Pearls
    • Saltwater Pearls (Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea)
    • Natural Pearls
    • Cultured Pearls

    What makes pearls valuable?

    • Factors such as lustre, surface quality, shape, size, and colour determine a pearl's value.
    • Natural pearls are rarer and more valuable than cultured pearls.

    Can pearls be worn every day? Yes, but with care. Pearls are delicate and can be damaged by chemicals and rough handling.

    Why do pearls come in different colours? The colour of a pearl is influenced by the type of mollusk, the water conditions, and the thickness of the nacre.

    What is the significance of pearls in bridal jewellery? Pearls symbolise purity and elegance, making them a traditional favourite for brides.

    Can pearls change colour over time? Yes, pearls can change colour due to environmental factors like exposure to light, humidity, and body oils.

    How do I choose the right pearl size for me? Consider personal style, the occasion, and the proportion to your body frame. Larger pearls make a statement, while smaller ones offer a subtle, elegant touch.

    What are baroque pearls? Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped pearls that are often used in unique and artistic jewellery designs. See the MJS staff pick for our 9ct Yellow Gold Baroque Belcher Bracelet.

At My Jewellery Shop we continue to innovate, keeping pearls captivating. Whether you prefer minimalist or bold pieces, pearl jewellery adds sophistication and elegance to any collection. Embrace the charm and elevate your style with their unparalleled beauty and grace.

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