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Dreaming of the Argyle

Dreaming of the Argyle

Imbued with the stories and legends that have danced across the earth above them for millions of years, the Argyle diamond lays nestled deep in a remote corner of Northwest Australia. So rare and of remarkable beauty, these naturally captivating diamonds offer an array of striking colours which represent the warm tones and rich mythology of the Australian land.

Diamonds are without a doubt, one of the world's most beautiful natural resources. Depending on where they are sourced, these ancient stones can take on majestic properties reflective of their natural surrounds. It is the stories behind an Australian Argyle diamond which makes them so much more than your everyday gemstone, they are a one-of-a-kind diamond enriched by the history and landscape which lies above.


Carefully earthed from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, each Argyle diamond is tracked from the ground in which it came from so you know absolutely that it is a natural and untreated Australian stone. To date, the mine has produced more than 800 million carats of diamonds and it is the world's largest producer of natural champagne and cognac diamonds. Most impressively is the very rare pink diamond which has become Argyle's signature stone, coveted by diamond experts and collectors all across the world.


To this day, the Gija and Mirriwung people of the East Kimberley region remain the Traditional Owners of the Argyle Diamond Mine. Its location is called Barramundi Gap, known to be a sacred women's site. Dreamtime or 'Ngarranggarni' stories provide a narrative through which Indigenous people understand their country and their relationship to it. Our exclusive collection of Dreamtime Australian Diamond Jewellery is inspired by the natural warmth of the Australian landscape and stories from the Traditional Owners of the Land. Each piece has been beautifully crafted with Australian gold and a selection of different coloured Argyle diamonds.


The idea behind Dreamtime jewellery is that it is versatile, affordable and on-trend, whilst gracefully encapsulating the colours and stories of the Outback. Each piece is elegant and interesting, designed to truly emulate the essence of the Kimberley region. So what will you find in this beautiful collection? Create your own unique story by stacking beautiful diamond bands together, mixing tones that combine the softness of rose gold and contrast of white. Add a delicate yellow gold bangle to your wrist, with fine pear-shaped ends set with naturally coloured diamonds. Invest in a pair of everyday studs, or why not treat yourself to elegant drop earrings dotted with a captivating array of visually striking diamonds? No matter your style, there is sure to be something beautiful in this collection that speaks to you!


Owning an Argyle diamond will truly become a rarity with the mine set to close by 2020 due to low production of gem-quality diamonds. Only 5% of the diamonds mined are of gem quality, meaning they can be used for fine jewellery. The remaining 95% accounts for near-gem quality and industrial purposed production. Investing in a piece of the Argyle dream is becoming a very popular choice for our clients, with many making small investments in loose Argyle stones. It is a great way to secure a piece of Australian beauty, and you never know it may become a treasured piece of jewellery for yourself one day! If you would like more information or need advice on creating your own Argyle piece, please get in touch.

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